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Since October 22nd Google Analytics is used on iypt.at. I’m pretty impressed by this tool and I’d like to share some of the data it has collected so far.

We’ve had visitors from 55 countries. The top ten countries are Austria, Iran, Georgia, China, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Here’s a map, dark green indicates more visitors.

iypt.at visitors

About 15 to 20 people visit our website every day.

How do our visitors find our website? They search for “iypt 2010”, “iypt”, “iypt report” or “iypt problem skateboarder”. About 30% of our visitors are sent to us from iypt.org.

A visitor typically stays for 4 minutes on our website and looks at about 4 pages.

About 90% of our users have windows installed. However we also have 5 visits from an iPod (and 16 from an iPhone).

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