Availability of our registration software

We are glad that some of you like our registration system so much, that you’ve asked if you can use it for your own competitions. Sadly in general the anser is no:

We do not have any time at all to support this software. There are no bug fixes, no customizations etc.

This is not uncommon for software and often the decision is to make it available “AS IS” – without any guarantees or support whatsoever.

However we do not think, that a bunch of php files that are highly specific to our infrastructure would be of help to anyone.

Besides we do not feel good about the idea of releasing something that does not yet meet all of our own standards concerning software. There are still quite a few hacks in there, things that are only acceptable if used for our own project.

To use our code, to adapt it for your own projects, you’d need someone matching our own (modest) php/mysql skills. If you have such a person, then letting them start from scratch will probably be less work. If you don’t, then our software – in its current state – will be of no use to you anyway.

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