I’m sure you all know that feeling of „flow“ when work fades into play and time just flies away. I just had such a rare moment: Next to me there’s a computer-driven laser cutter. The original is pretty expensive, but this is the much cheaper Chinese version – just as cool, but the door doesn’t fully close and the software sucks. But hey: It’s a 50 watt laser. The task is to cut some medals for you guys. But hey, since I got my new laptop with me I had to engrave my name. Kind of strange, putting my Thinkpad under a laser that could easily cut through.
Tomorrow this machine will be at the science afternoon. And I’m sure the guys of HappyLab are cool enough to let you engrave your name on just about anything. Guarantee voided for sure if you cut through your iPhone – but hey, who cares 😀

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