I’m uploading more photos right now. Takes ages, since I’m uploading at full resolution and don’t have the upload bw I used to have at TU Vienna.
Team Photos are already up.
To ease the pain of having to wait: here’s the presentation with photos i made for the closing ceremony.

update: Day 4 and 5 are up, but I didn’t get many pictures for day 5 (trip to melk). But don’t worry, Peter Schatz took many photos there, I’ll add those later.
Uploading Day 6 will take about 8 hours (yes, my connection is pretty lame here at home).

update: Now Day 6 is online with lots of photos from the finals, the closing ceremony and the farewell party.

Those are all the photos (more than 1300 by the way) I was able to collect so far. You’r welcome to send more to .

update: as in the previous years John Balcombe has some photos from the IYPT.

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