The IYPT has (almost) started!

lanyards preparations

Cutting 300 lanyards for our badges

The tournament officially starts when Alan Allinson opens it this Saturday. But for me the start is leaving home (though I must admit Graz is not too far away from here) and going into that deep IYPT mode, were everything else slowly fades away. Teams from all around the world, preparations, “fights”, sleep deprivation – it’s a very special blend of topics, feelings and impressions.

Bags. Lots of bags.

It’s been a very long day, with some hectic preparations, lot’s of fighting with some technical equipment and carrying around of so much stuff: bags, pens, shirts, notepads – those are heavy in these large numbers.
Though I have been working all day, I really have to take a bow to our volunteers from china who have assembled all the bags for the participants – right after flying here! From last year I really know how exhausting the trip from China to Austria is.

Some of our volunteers from China (and Kathi)

I’m pretty tired now, but I’ve promised to myself to write a few words every day and upload some pictures…
So stay tuned for more posts, photos and eventually results of the fights!

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  • Thanks to you and all the other volunteers from one (and I am sure all) the overseas teams (and their supports). It is a huge thing and I am sure all your efforts will show through in this being a great tournament !

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